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Mace-Kingsley Advertising Medically Dangerous Scientology Detox For Kids



“I did my Purification Rundown at Mace-Kingsley when I was six years old.”

“Mace-Kingsley’s Purif is hopping with kid in the sauna sweating out toxins and radiation left and right!”

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? What kid is loaded with drug deposits?

Celebrity Centre Puts 85-Year-Old Through Purification Rundown

celebrity centre 85 year old purification rundown

Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles is actually promoting that they put an 85-year-old through the brutally rigorous and medically dangerous purification rundown. This program is very rough even on young adults and to put elderly people and children through it is medically unconscionable in my opinion.

“Starting this procedure, I honestly had doubt, since I have never done drugs or alcohol. However, I am a soon to be 86-year old woman who has had many medical and dental procedures utilizing Novocain and anesthetics. I also had constant sunburns on the Southern California beaches and many X-rays. I was startled to see the dark red flushes and restimulation of many mosquito bites (they love me), horrible pain in both jaws from tooth implants and root canals, then the surprising draining of my sinuses (from years of hay fever) that restored my long lost sense of smell. There have been additional wins, but you get the idea. Big surprises! All that stuff is gone! Thank you all, and most of all, thank you LRH.” — BB

Mace-Kingsley Brags About Putting 8 Year Old Through Purification Rundown

Yet another fun mailer from Mace-Kingsley. And nothing says dangerous quackery like bragging about putting an 8 year old through the purification rundown. Seriously that is freaking child abuse!

For those that don’t know the purification rundown is a Scientology drug and toxin “detox” that requires spending 5 hours a day in a scorching sauna for about 30 days on average. It’s a grueling program for adults not to mention little children. Given that the science behind it is extremely dubious and that it would be rare to find a kid with a drug/toxicity problem putting children through this program is absolutely insane. But that’s Scientology for you…

And hey, Greg Smith is fresh back from his recent indoctrination at Flag and he’s  ready to get your little ones whipped into shape so they can face Xenu and the “wall of fire”!

Mace-Kingsley mailer

Mace-Kingsley mailer

Church of Scientology Sending VMs To Fight Ebola In Africa

Scientology Assist Curing Ebola

A Scientology minister cures a man of Ebola by running out the Ebola engram with a touch assist!

The Church of Scientology announced today that it has dispatched an elite team of highly trained volunteer ministers to help fight the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa. Scientology spokesbot Karin Kapow provided the following details about this important humanitarian mission:

“When we learned that President Obama was planning to send U.S. military personnel to Africa to help fight Ebola we knew we had to leap into action. With all due respect to the president and our wonderful military this is really a job for Scientology as only a Scientologist has the tools to help out at the scene of a accident or a virulent plague outbreak. Moreover as our VMs are armed with LRH’s miraculous PTS tech they are immune to the deadly virus and need not fear contracting it. Africans can rejoice as we are on the way with our magic touch assists and body comm processes which are proven to “run out” the Ebola engram!”

“Our leader and top technical terminal Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige recently made the amazing discovery that the Ebola virus is in fact triggered by a whole-track implant created by who else – psychiatrists! With this knowledge we can now use Scientology tech to eradicate this terrible psych-created disease.”

“Naturally this endeavor will require much in the way of monetary wherewithal so all Scientologists are asked to dig deep and move up in IAS status immediately. Just the cost of the new cameras and phones needed to take selfies and publicity shots is astronomical, let alone the first class airfare and shipping costs for our yellow tents! Moreover once the plague is defeated and we receive an “all-clear” we will be building 100 new ideal orgs spreading all over the African continent! These will be funded by strip mining areas where our VMs have taken control for jewels and precious metals to use in Scientology jewelry.”

“Once we have built our army of ideal orgs across the African continent all Africans are invited to do the new Golden Age of Tech 2 purification rundown which is proven to flush out any remaining Ebola toxins!”

Mace-Kingsley Warns Radiation Is Everywhere!


Radiation is Everywhere!!!

And the solution to the constant bombardment of radiation is… the Scientology purification rundown at Mace-Kingsley!!!!

According to the “medical experts” at Mace-Kingsley everyday sources of deadly radiation include:

  • Cell Phones & Towers
  • Microwaves
  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Plane Flights
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Medical Tests
  • Radiated Food
  • Airport Security
  • Scanners
  • Power Lines
  • Household
  • Wiring
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Radon Gas in Buildings
  • Sunlight
  • Very Bright Moonlight
  • Automobiles
  • Bicycles
  • Trees
  • Marcabian Spies
  • Wog Schools
  • Restimulated Body Thetans
  • Very Dense Farts
  • Non-Scientologists
  • Non-LRH Books
  • Psychs!!!

Even if you’ve only been exposed to one of these you are in grave danger!!!

Per Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (acclaimed nuclear physicist and professor emeritus of quackery, woo and flimflammery at the esteemed University of Bulgravia) radiation quickly builds up in your body and scrambles your thinking – and only Scientology can save you!

It is a proven fact that the only places on earth that are safe from the constant deadly onslaught of deadly radiation are the specially shielded purif saunas at Churches of Scientology and Mace-Kingsley!!!

In short radiation is everywhere and it is infecting your body as you read this! If your child does not do their purification rundown at Mace-Kingsley they could lose their eternity!!!


And don’t forget that with the new Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 purification rundown you get to wear the spiffy new GAT2 purif-exclusive radiation-blocking uniform!! Here you can see it modeled by Mace-Kingsley’s most recent purification rundown completion who is also our new purif I/C!

Scientology purification rundown completion

Mace-Kingsley’s new purif I/C looks forward to supervising your little ones in the sauna!!!

Do not hesitate as your child’s eternity is at stake – Do the purification rundown at Mace-Kingsley today!!!

Scientology Cured My MS!

Scientology MS medical claim

“11 Months ago I was in the hospital and I couldn’t walk” said an emotional Kristen King to the crowd at ASHO for her Clear announcement. “I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis and would eventually be bound to a wheelchair, I had to get up the Bridge—FAST.” She received assists, and continued on through the Grades and NED up to Clear. “As a Clear, I know my true purpose in life and I’ve rehabilitated myself as a being! And as for the MS? GONE, GONE, GONE!” Kristen King – HAS – Inglewood Foundation

This testimonial was in a recent issue of “The Auditor” – the newspaper that ASHO (American Saint Hill Org) mails out every few months or so. I was rather perplexed (not knowing much about MS) until some helpful Bunkerites over at The Underground Bunker explained it to me when I posted this image over there. According to them it’s not uncommon for MS to go into remission temporarily so that’s most likely what happened here. However regardless of whatever Scientology woo she throws at it the MS will be back (excepting for medical treatment of course).

The worst part is I can guarantee that when the MS symptoms flare up she will be told she “pulled it in” due to overts (unethical acts in Scientologese) or some such nonsense. She will also be told that she must immediately purchase expensive higher level auditing to go up the OT levels to fix this. Staff members in Scientology orgs sometimes get a limited amount of free auditing depending on various circumstances but otherwise only get a 50% discount (off of the full non-IAS discounted rates).

Additionally once she is so sick that she can no longer produce on post she will be offloaded and utterly abandoned by the Church of Scientology. Sick people who cannot work are considered degraded beings in Scientology. To add insult to injury Scientology refuses to provide health benefits to their workers nor do they pay into Social Security.

I feel for Kristen, I really do.

Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child With Scientology!

Well praise the lord Scientology heals the blind! Well at least according to those whacky folks at Mace-Kingsley it does. And when her parents say that “She really seems to have taken more responsibility and become more aware” does that mean she audited out her whole track overts from millions of years ago that were causing her blindness? Because it sure sounds like that’s what they mean.

Did baby blow up a planet and get blinded by the explosion? Well that’s nothing Mace-Kingsley can’t fix with “the miracle of LRH’s technology” and a boatload of cash from mommy and daddy.

And of course her improvements had absolutely nothing to do with her doctors – nope, why they’re just suppressive wog medicos – what do they know? They’d probably suppressively deny this poor child the lifesaving benefits of the purification rundown which Mace-Kingsley will likely have her doing soon since all kids are chock full of drugs and toxins!

You’re never too young to spend 30-40 days in a sauna choking down handfuls of vitamins and magic woo – hope baby likes cal-mag!

Wonder what the FDA would have to say about this?

Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child mailer image 1

Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child mailer image 2

The most miraculous things have happened with my daughter since starting her auditing at Mace-Kingsley. She was born with a rare eye disease and began seeing eye specialists at two months old. We were told that she was about legally blind and would likely lose her vision.

Before starting her auditing, she was obviously visually impaired quite a bit; she would not hold eye contact or track an object with her eyes. We were seeing retina specialists, pediatric ophthalmologists, neurologists and physical therapists regularly. She started her auditing and the most amazing things began to happen. She was suddenly so in communication! She started looking at people and objects! She became more independent and more out going.

She now no longer has to see doctors all the time. Her retina specialist said that her eyes are repairing themselves and we now only see him once every two months (whereas before it was every two weeks). She no longer attends physical therapy as she met all of her Physical Therapy goals way ahead of schedule!

She really seems to have taken more responsibility and become more aware. I’m so proud of her! And she can definitely see very well now! I know that making the decision to get her auditing here was the right thing. I know its going to have a huge impact on the rest of her life.

Thanks to the awesome staff at Mace-Kingsley and to her auditor, Diane! And of course thanks to LRH for this amazing technology. Words can’t really express my gratitude.”

~C.N., parent of a 12-month old