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Jon Atack Declared Plutonium Degratorious SP with Extreme Dishonors For All Eternity!

The Slanderous SP Jon Atack!

The Slanderous SP Jon Atack!

Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige, the beloved ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology, has personally declared Jon Atack a Plutonium Degratorious SP with Extreme Dishonors for all eternity!

Jon has been found guilty of the ultra-high crime of besmirching the holy name of LRH, the founder of Scientology and source of its technology. Jon has been hatefully slandering our founder with entheta and outright lies for a while now over at infamous hater Tony Ortega’s blog but today’s “The games L. Ron Hubbard played” post put him over the top in COB’s book (Warning – Do not click these links unless you have explicit OSA approval to view extreme entheta!)

Jon is not to contact the International Justice Chief nor is he eligible to do steps A-J as he is too far down the chute. His whole track is to consist of only misery and suffering from here on out. Moreover, all Scientologists are ordered to do their worst to Jon under the “Fair Game” policy (while continuing to deny its use and existence of course).