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David Miscavige Kisses Some Cardone Ass

Well it’s not often that you see Scientology leader David Miscavige kiss the asses of his parishioners customers but here you go. “Time-compression effect”? Does he mean they raided their savings faster than any saps before them?

If I had to guess I’d say COB has a serious crush on Grant. “A touch of enticing danger”? LOL, maybe he’s excited about the danger of getting caught two-timing Tom Cruise!

Chairman of the Board RTC, Mr. David Miscavige, presented this award with the following words:

“Those about to accept this award were another that joined us at our Patrons Ball last November. After which they advanced with record-setting speed from Gold Meritorious with Honors to Platinum Meritorious.

“Whereupon they engineered a ‘time-compression effect’ to arrive at Diamond Meritorious tonight. While as for all else they left in their wake: They are Power FSMs. They are leading Field Disseminators for the IAS. And all in ways that shimmer with elegance, panache and a touch of enticing danger. Because they are the ever stylish Grant and Elena Cardone.”

Grant & Elena Cardone - Scientology Impact 1

Grant & Elena Cardone - Scientology Impact 2