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Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child With Scientology!

Well praise the lord Scientology heals the blind! Well at least according to those whacky folks at Mace-Kingsley it does. And when her parents say that “She really seems to have taken more responsibility and become more aware” does that mean she audited out her whole track overts from millions of years ago that were causing her blindness? Because it sure sounds like that’s what they mean.

Did baby blow up a planet and get blinded by the explosion? Well that’s nothing Mace-Kingsley can’t fix with “the miracle of LRH’s technology” and a boatload of cash from mommy and daddy.

And of course her improvements had absolutely nothing to do with her doctors – nope, why they’re just suppressive wog medicos – what do they know? They’d probably suppressively deny this poor child the lifesaving benefits of the purification rundown which Mace-Kingsley will likely have her doing soon since all kids are chock full of drugs and toxins!

You’re never too young to spend 30-40 days in a sauna choking down handfuls of vitamins and magic woo – hope baby likes cal-mag!

Wonder what the FDA would have to say about this?

Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child mailer image 1

Mace-Kingsley Heals Blind Child mailer image 2

The most miraculous things have happened with my daughter since starting her auditing at Mace-Kingsley. She was born with a rare eye disease and began seeing eye specialists at two months old. We were told that she was about legally blind and would likely lose her vision.

Before starting her auditing, she was obviously visually impaired quite a bit; she would not hold eye contact or track an object with her eyes. We were seeing retina specialists, pediatric ophthalmologists, neurologists and physical therapists regularly. She started her auditing and the most amazing things began to happen. She was suddenly so in communication! She started looking at people and objects! She became more independent and more out going.

She now no longer has to see doctors all the time. Her retina specialist said that her eyes are repairing themselves and we now only see him once every two months (whereas before it was every two weeks). She no longer attends physical therapy as she met all of her Physical Therapy goals way ahead of schedule!

She really seems to have taken more responsibility and become more aware. I’m so proud of her! And she can definitely see very well now! I know that making the decision to get her auditing here was the right thing. I know its going to have a huge impact on the rest of her life.

Thanks to the awesome staff at Mace-Kingsley and to her auditor, Diane! And of course thanks to LRH for this amazing technology. Words can’t really express my gratitude.”

~C.N., parent of a 12-month old