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Celebrity Centre Puts 85-Year-Old Through Purification Rundown

celebrity centre 85 year old purification rundown

Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles is actually promoting that they put an 85-year-old through the brutally rigorous and medically dangerous purification rundown. This program is very rough even on young adults and to put elderly people and children through it is medically unconscionable in my opinion.

“Starting this procedure, I honestly had doubt, since I have never done drugs or alcohol. However, I am a soon to be 86-year old woman who has had many medical and dental procedures utilizing Novocain and anesthetics. I also had constant sunburns on the Southern California beaches and many X-rays. I was startled to see the dark red flushes and restimulation of many mosquito bites (they love me), horrible pain in both jaws from tooth implants and root canals, then the surprising draining of my sinuses (from years of hay fever) that restored my long lost sense of smell. There have been additional wins, but you get the idea. Big surprises! All that stuff is gone! Thank you all, and most of all, thank you LRH.” — BB

Joey From The Sea Org Is Here To Help You Find Your Purpose!



Joey Collewijn at Celebrity Centre International is here to help you find your purpose in the Sea Org!

This not at all cheesy and predatory looking young man has but a singular purpose – to help you find your purpose in life (which unsurprisingly involves a life of Sea Org slave labor and 18 hour workdays). Whether that purpose is peeling potatoes in the galley, polishing commodes with toothbrushes until they sparkle, or swabbing the deck on an asbestos-laden ghost ship you’ll know that you’re forwarding command intention during your billion year contract!

And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you too might get to sit on picturesque balconies while selling billion-year enslavement to unsuspecting saps who will only see picturesque balconies in forbidden magazines while sneaking a 5 minute break.

Call Joey today – your future awaits!