Urgent Call To Action To All Scientologists

The following is an urgent call to action to all 50,000,000 Scientologists worldwide! It is command intention from Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige that you immediately print the letter that you see below, sign your name, and mail it to the president of A&E Networks forthwith. This is literally a greater emergency of planetary proportions than was presented by the terrorist attack on 9/11!!! Leah Remini’s suppressive falsity fest must be stopped as she and her bigoted band of whole-track psych SPs are rapidly tipping the entheta to theta ratio to disastrous levels. The future of every being on planet Earth is at stake!

Accordingly please note that under no circumstances are you to watch this televised entheta as it would cause you to immediately lose all of your eternal auditing gains thanks to Leah’s hypnotic witchery! Our brave team of specially trained OTs have watched it for you and let there be no doubt that it’s chock full of vicious whole-track implants and theta traps!!!

And lest you doubt that this diabolical hatefest is inspiring actual violence and mayhem against innocent Scientologists just check out these actual viewer testimonials from the public at large!

“I watched Scientology and the Aftermath and thus now know that all Scientologists must be violently killed. I’ve ordered my super keen murder kit from Leah and Mike (a bargain at just $99.99!) and am raring to get started!”

“In a nutshell Leah Remini is right! The water supplies for all “churches” of Scientology must be poisoned!”

“Thanks to Leah Remini and Scientology and the Aftermath I’ve been inspired to burn down my local Scientology org.”

“Let there be no doubt and make no mistake that I’m not normally a violent person at all but in point of fact Leah and Mike by way of example have in totality truly inspired me to bring the ultraviolence to those Xenu-loving freaks!”

Please print the letter below and in addition to mailing it to A&E Network please share it with all your friends and work colleagues on social media so they have no doubt where you stand as regards this blatant bigotry against our religion. Accordingly every Scientologist that complies with this order will receive a glossy photo of COB and a commendation for your ethics file hand-written by one of the many children working in the Sea Org. Moreover, anyone who does not comply with command intention will be DECLARED SP!!! Thank you for your cooperation.


A&E (Assholes and Entheta) Television Networks
New York, N.Y., 10017

“Dear Mr. Bigoted Bully Buccieri,

As a devout, paying Scientologist and proud member of STAND (Scientologists Truly Disgusted with A&E’s Nazi-like Discrimination) I wish to register my extreme displeasure and unmitigated disgust that you have chosen to provide a platform for Leah Remini and her suppressive band of interstellar psychs, Fifth Invader fleet criminals, whole-track hooligans, and suppressive international bankers. It is simply inexcusable that you are supporting bigoted hatred against Scientologists that is truly no different than the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany! You sir are literally worse than Hitler!!!!!!

Insofar as your boundless bigotry goes it truly appalls me that you are supporting Leah’s dastardly plan to turn Earth into a whole-track implant station on the order of what one sees on Mars and the dark side of the moon (appropriate references from L. Ron Hubbard’s sacred scriptures attached)! Your belligerent bigotingness is actively enabling a potential future slave state run by alien psychiatrists from the Marcab Confederacy of planets using their dreaded gorilla goals!!! Only Scientology can stop these insidious unworldly beings from PDHing (Pain Drug Hypnosis) every human being on Earth!!!

Leah and Mike, as well as every other degraded being that has appeared on this “show”, were all expelled from our church and declared super-duper suppressive for displaying higher standards of ethics and integrity than is suitable for a Scientologist to remain in good standing with our church. In point of fact and by way of example they were simply too theetie-weetie and namby-pamby to effectively fight the intergalactic forces that threaten us all with their Helatrobus implants in the between-lives stations that provably exist on Mars. Also Mike Rinder would sometimes suppressively take the last donut during Int Base exec staff meetings (and everyone knows that Supreme Leader and Chairman of the Board RTC gets the last donut, especially when sprinkles are involved!)

Moreover and to the point how dare she and Mike Rinder slanderously sully the impeccable reputation of our boundlessly beloved and deliciously dapper ecclesiastical leader, Captain of the Sea Org, and Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center Mr. David Miscavige!!! Mr. Miscavige works tirelessly around the clock literally forgoing sleep and all such worldly pleasantries to graciously tend to his much beloved flock, clean up his predecessor’s sloppy mistakes, and keep his hair immaculately coiffed. Similarly, make no mistake and let there be no doubt that he absolutely has never beaten any of his cherished staff and he’s also definitely much taller than 5 ft 1 inch! And as regards Shelly Miscavige she definitely is not missing nor has she dropped her body!!! She is merely working tirelessly on her self-imposed 50 year project lovingly polishing the titanium scriptures of Scientology and telexes her beloved husband and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige every day to thank him for his benevolence!

Personally I will add that Scientology has greatly improved my life in innumerable ways. For example I can always find plenty of open parking spots at my local Scientology org and I can recite all of my credit card numbers from memory.

Whereupon and all things being equal let there be no doubt that you hold the eternal fate of every being in the galaxy in your hands. Accordingly I trust after reading this magnificently written and momentously impinging letter you will do the ethical thing and cease and desist from airing this bigoted hate speech you have the unadulterated audacity to call a “documentary series.”

Moreover and in totality do the right thing and you’ll get to sit with LRH and COB on the front porch of eternity drinking rum and popping pinks and greys. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I also attest that I am not a kook.

ARC and ML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sign your name here)

2 responses to “Urgent Call To Action To All Scientologists

  1. OutSTANDing!!!!

    Now THATS straight up and vertical on smashing these SPs!!

  2. Ethics Ruthlessly In Sir

    Clearly this is evidence per LRH that the SP’s are howling due to the EPIC EXPANSION of $cientolgy.

    We have accomplished phase one of taking over the world…. clearing ALL bank accounts of our members and even their creditors and the creditor’s creditor’s, Sir. Our membership are broke and now we can control them.

    We are so enjoying that Tax Exempt Status. We can do anything illegal we want and there is NOTHING that can be done about it, Sir.

    It is all so very theta. It is all so spiritual.

    Let’s continue Sir – to take over the World.

    Pretty soon, every Ideal Org will have an Ideal HOLE for the Degraded Beings that SCOHB, Sir. Where we will have them licking up the Ideal Stinky Bathroom floors.

    It is so Ideal, Sir.

    Thank you for ruthlessly putting in ethics in on these CS, Sir.

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