Get a Quality Education at the L. Ron Hubbard College!

L. Ron Hubbard College

The Hubbard College is ready to service you at its state of the art facility!

Young people today know that there is nothing more important than getting a good education that prepares you for today’s challenging job market. And getting one from Earth’s greatest educator will give you a competitive edge like no other!

L. Ron Hubbard held advanced degrees in 27 subjects including astrophysics, photography, nuclear physics, mysticism, childhood and adult education, intergalactic history and warfare, flimflammery and music composition. With a background like that you know you’ll receive a quality education at the Hubbard College!

Just look at all the subjects our fully accredited* school offers!

  • Nuclear Physics
  • Marcabian History
  • Medicine – Curing Cancer With Touch Assists
  • Music Appreciation – LRH Compositions
  • Drug Rehabilitation
  • Tugboat and Ghost Ship Command
  • Advanced Byzantine Corporate Organizational Structuring
  • Childhood Development
  • Family Counseling
  • Creative Accounting
  • Advanced Money Laundering
  • Hypnosis and its Practical Application in Business, Religion and Government
  • Advanced Whole-Track History (e-meter required)
  • The Hubbard Course on Computer Technology
  • Public Relations (taught by the Church of Scientology’s most brilliant PR expert)
  • Advanced Business Administration –  Harassment and Blackmail
  • Abstinence Education
  • Extreme Fundraising

Wow!!! What a lineup!

Don’t waste your time at a “wog” college with their false data and psych-based agendas  – study at the Hubbard College and gain priceless knowledge that you can use on Earth and beyond!!!!

Get your application in today!!!

*Accredited by the Bulgravian Ministry of Education

2 responses to “Get a Quality Education at the L. Ron Hubbard College!

  1. Wow, what a theta environment! Are there any requisites to attending this fine institution of higher learning? My checkbook is larger than my grade point average – can you make my application go right?

    • Not to worry, at this very theta educational institution your bank balance is your GPA. The only prerequisite besides the tuition of course is that you pass a stress test and meter check at the nearby LA Church of Scientology. You’re obviously a theta person so I’m very sure you’ll make it go right!

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