Attend The ‘Run Your Business The Scientology Way’ Seminar!

Run Your Business The Scientology Way

Business owners – do you want to see your stats and wealth skyrocket? Attend the “Run Your Business The Scientology Way” 2-day seminar hosted by WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) and learn proven methods to make your business a roaring success! Here are just a few samples of the great business tech and tips you’ll learn at this incredible seminar:

  • Customers with complaints always have hidden crimes – haul them in for expensive interrogations.
  • How to harass and blackmail your competition into bankruptcy.
  • Avoid paying fair wages that cut into your precious profits by declaring your business to be a religion. Now you can hire gullible people as “volunteers” and pay them next to nothing (or even nothing at all if your “scriptures” dictate it as appropriate)!
  • All attendees receive the Church of Scientology’s exclusive list of the most vile, bottom-feeding lawyers who will happily sue your competition into oblivion for the most baseless of reasons.
  • How to create an internal secret police division that will keep your employees productive through intimidation and fear.
  • How paying for employee health insurance and paid sick leave only encourages lazy employees to go PTS and get sick.
  • You’ll learn several ways that any land-based business can replicate LRH’s proven method for improving morale – overboarding!
  • Prohibit all interoffice romance except for yourself and your hot assistant. A hat tip to COB for this one!
  • A pro tip straight from LRH and presently used to great effect by Scientology leader and Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige – when stats are up it’s always due to your wise and effective management and when they’re down it’s always the fault of your incompetent employees.
  • How requiring workers to sign away all constitutional rights will save you a ton of headache down the road.
  • Learn how to use your employees’ most embarrassing secrets to increase productivity and discourage slacking.
  • You’ll do actual Sea Org screaming drills to learn just the right amount of hatred, volume and spittle spray to get your intention across to counter-intentioned employees.
  • Workers with children are a drain on your business. Learn how to persuade them to have abortions (at the expense the government or charitable organizations of course) or put existing children up for adoption. Now they’ll be able to focus on their work 24/7!
  • Enroll your employees on the The Hubbard Course on Computer Technology. At only $9,000 per person it’s a bargain!

Testimonials from previous attendees:

This seminar was so theta! When I get home I’m going to make my employees’ lives a living hell. Thank you LRH!!!

This was a powerful seminar and it enabled me to move up to the next level in douchebag status. And I’m Grant Cardone so that’s really saying something!!!

I had been foolishly treating my staff well and providing them with generous benefits and profit sharing. Now I realize I’ll never get up the bridge that way. Many thanks to WISE for shifting my viewpoint to be more like LRH and COB!!!

I was so impressed by the incredible tech presented at this seminar that I immediately enrolled on The Slappy Miscavige Management Course to further hone my admin skills and take my business to the next level!!!

Sign up now to avail yourself of all this powerful information and gain the tech to send your stats into screaming affluence and your workers into the depths of despair! At only $5000 you can’t afford to pass up this incredible bargain – seating is extremely limited so reserve your ticket now!!!

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