For OSA Eyes Only! Top 10 Reasons “Going Clear” Was Produced

Confidential RTC directive to all OSA personnel: As HBO’s slanderous Going Clear “documentary” has undoubtedly led to troublesome questions from Scientology customers parishioners emergency measures were necessary to minimize the potential damage to our off-shore bank accounts faithful parishioners’ eternities.

And owing to the fact that everyone in OSA is a completely useless degraded being, Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige had to once again step in and save the day. He has compiled the following top 10 reasons “Going Clear” was produced. All OSA personnel are to M-9 this list and then drill it verbatim until it’s burned into your puny little CICS memory banks!

  1. Ideal orgs have so many new public flowing in that it’s driving the psychs insane with rage. *Not your org – just all of the other ones. Your empty org obviously has SPs on its lines!
  2. HBO is now a psych-run implant station. Take for example the recent Frank Sinatra documentary by the suppressive “Going Clear” producer Alex Gibney. As you know from your studies of the ACC lectures LRH revealed that Frank Sinatra was actually a Marcabian spy sent to Earth to hypnotize the public!
  3. Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney are cross-dressing male prostitutes in the employ of none other than sex-ring kingpin Marty Rathbun! Marty threatened to expose their perverted activities if they didn’t make this “documentary” to slander Scientology and its beloved leader Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige!
  4. The crack div-6 team at the LA model ideal org is so effective at getting thousands of new people into Scientology every single day that it’s literally causing the psychs and merchants of chaos to have psychotic breaks!
  5. HBO is terrified of the competition they will receive from Scientology Media Productions. They know that nobody will watch their pornographic filth and poorly written trash when they can instead view wholesome and enlightening entertainment like “Tom Cruise’s Next Bride.”
  6. Upcoming infomercials to market the Mark Ultra VIII E-Meter to raw public are so powerful and impinging that the psychs are in complete terror.
  7. Colombian SPs are so furious that our “The Way To Happiness” campaign has cut crime in their country by 80% that they funneled drug money to HBO to help finance “Going Clear.”
  8. The Fifth Invader Fleet is prepping Earth for invasion and as Scientology is the only thing that can stop them they must do everything possible to destroy us.
  9. Forthcoming LRH Hall in Clearwater has the psychs and SPs in panic mode. They know this is the next crucial step in COB’s masterful plan to fully enable world clearing.
  10. Black PR campaign by the squirrel group Neurotology.

2 responses to “For OSA Eyes Only! Top 10 Reasons “Going Clear” Was Produced

  1. Its rather simple…HBO is “kicking the cat” here. Sorry HBO, wrong target. The Ecclesiastical leader of the worlds largest religion is responsible for bringing an end to Climate Change, the slumping economy, and Aaron Hernandez’s guilty plea. He is the King of Kings! Please HBO, write up your O/W’s and perhaps you will do a documentary on yourself.

  2. (Through a report delivered from the sanctity of Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal One, Women’s Bathroom, Stall No. 3, JennyAtLAX explains how, through a lecture given in late 1954, L. Ron Hubbard predicted the future of Scientology which he entitled, “Hypnotism, Scientology-style.”)

    It’s a well-known “secret” at the Church of Scientology’s clandestine organization, the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”) that there are plenty of reasons why HBO produced Alex Gibney’s 2015 documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Among the “Top 10 Reasons”: that songster Frank Sinatra was, in actuality, a spy sent by the Marcab Confederacy to planet Earth to hypnotize the world!

    L. Ron Hubbard has written extensively about Sinatra’s sojourn to Earth, a second-rate planet in a tenth-rate solar system. In the ACC lecture given on 27 October 1954, “Hypnotism, Scientology-style,” LRH described in detail Sinatra’s success, a technique that later became the standard operating procedure of snakes, dogs, bums, temple priests and witch doctors from Los Angeles’ Valley Org to Flag’s Fort Harrison in Clearwater, Florida.

    Sinatra’s introduction to Earth society by the Marcab Confederacy is also well-documented. He began his musical career as an idol, charming the skirts off of bobby soxers, when he released his first album, 1946’s Look Deep into My Eyes. During the early 1950s, he experienced a professional and creative block when America started wearing 3D glasses in the hopes of not becoming the effect of him at the box-office (Sinatra spent most of those years handing a veritable mountain of pink sheets and crams in the Qualifications Division back in Marcab’s first Ideal Org). His career took off in 1953 after he scored the Academy Award for Best Actor in From Here to Marcab. Later, he released a number of hit albums (such as In the Wee Small Pupils; Songs for Swingin’ Stupefiers!; Come Trance with Me; Only the Dull). In 1961, he formed his own record label, Drowsy Records (finding continued success with albums such as Ring-a-Ding-Dull; Sinatra: Spellbound at the Sands), toured the galaxy, and became a founding member of the Razzle-Dazzle Pack and entranced both celebs and statesmen alike, most notably John Fascinate Kennedy.

    LRH knew early on of Sinatra’s humble spy beginnings. Said LRH of Sinatra in that 1954 lecture:

    “In hypnotism, there are four levels of determinism: non-determinism, self-determinism, pan-determinism and Sinatra-determinism. In Sinatra’s world, he reasoned, ‘I can determine my own actions, the actions of others and everything else.’ Thus, he captured Earth and sent legions of fans to record stores, movie theaters and concert halls worldwide. Sinatra had fair determinism on the second dynamic (sex appeal); his state of beingness dropped out his own self-determinism (on the first-dynamic; that is, self) to a marked degree and had second-dynamic determinism markedly. You know, ‘swoon,’ girls. Sinatra: damned little self-determinism, tremendous amount of second dynamic.”

    Just before his death in 1986, Hubbard likened Sinatra’s appeal to that of his protege, David “Let Him Die” Miscavige. LRH looked into his crystal ball and foresaw the future, predicting Scientology in the year 2015:

    “We have a fellow by the name of DLHDM; has tremendous group-determinism, doesn’t he? He is a magnificent group determinist. Oh, magnificent. No self-determinism at all to amount to anything. DLHDM gets down and chews the rug and tears up tablecloths. And he gets so mad the he doesn’t know whether he is screaming or spitting. And he just goes into a complete fit, punching, beating and stomping everyone and everything in his path.

    “And yet this individual can determine the third dynamic (the group), can’t he—observably can, because he unites Scientology and sends it forward to obliterate psychiatry and the world-at-large, so Scientology can commit, in essence, group suicide.

    Read more at JennyAtLAX:

    Inspired by Scientology 411, An Eclectic Mix of Satire and News about Scientology, “For OSA Eyes Only! Top 10 Reasons ‘Going Clear’ Was Produced,” April 15, 2015.

    Also inspired by ACC Creation of Human Ability, Tape 5410C27 Creation 15, “Hypnotism,” by L. Ron Hubbard.

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