More Child “Processing” With Mace-Kingsley

mace kingsley sisters 1

mace kingsley sisters 2

Wait until her sister says “COB is weird” or “I don’t like Scientology any more” and Scientology orders her to disconnect and never see her again.

Let’s see what she thinks of “Standard Tech” then.

2 responses to “More Child “Processing” With Mace-Kingsley

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  2. With “J.S.” being 12-years-old, suppose her sister is only 10-years-old when she turns her back on Scientology Inc. (“SI”). Would SI stoop so low to declare her a Suppressive Person (“SP”)? With said SP order in hand, would Mace-Kingsley ban the 10-year-old from the playground, the classroom and the bathroom? Would the poor soul wander Mace-Kingsley hallways aimlessly searching for redemption?

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