COB Issues New Purification Rundown Guidelines

chemtrail juice

Psychs refueling an airplane with their airborne poisons!!!

An urgent warning is hereby issued to all Scientologists!!! An investigation by OSA has revealed that in addition to drugging the world’s food and water supplies the psychs are now putting deadly psychiatric drugs into the air via chemtrails! As a result COB has ordered that all Scientologists must complete a new purification rundown every 60 days.

Scientology spokesloon Karin Kapow explains the details behind this latest directive from our beloved and brilliant leader:

“Chairman of the Board RTC Mr. David Miscavige found this report from OSA to be extremely troubling. This dastardly plan is obviously a result of our immense success in building ideal orgs all around the world. The psychs are terrified of world clearing and thus launched this latest initiative to create billions of illegal pcs. We cannot and will not let them win. Scientologists must be extra vigilant in these dire days and the only way to remain biologically pure is to do frequent purifs until further notice from OSA.”

“The massive importance and urgency of this directive was underscored by COB’s use of multiple exclamation points in his comm. To wit: “All of you cocksuckers need to get it through your pie faced heads that psych drugs are now everywhere – in the air, water, food, scotch, cigarettes, electricity, radio waves – everywhere!!!!!!!”

Due to this hill-10 chemtrail chaos flapping flap there has never been a more urgent time to move up in IAS and Ideal Org status!

One response to “COB Issues New Purification Rundown Guidelines

  1. COB Mr. David Miscavige should beware of seatrails as well as chemtrails: the evil psychs must have been putting their fiendish narcotics in the Caribbean via their secret fleet of unidentified underwater objects hiding in ship’s wakes—why else is the ‘Freewinds’ always running out of fuel, unless it’s a side-effect of noxious Big Pharma chemicals (and possibly some rogue Atlantean warriors from the Bermuda Triangle)?

    Mr. Miscavige should also be very careful of eating seafood—especially his daily chilled luxury selection-box of sea-bass, caviare, scampi, fugu-fish etc., he has flown into Int Base at such huge expense. It’ll have to be fish-flavoured faux-crabsticks from now on, Captain COB RTC sir!

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