Tired Of The Wog World? Join The Sea Org!


 Does it really make sense to spend 80% of your life raising kids, having a career, going on vacations, etc. when you could be advancing Scientology worldwide instead?

Isn’t there a way to devote 110% of your life towards achieving the goals and purposes of LRH and COB?

Yes there is my friend!

But think of what you’d have to sacrifice…

  • A nagging spouse and bratty kids that drain your precious theta like vampires.
  • An unfulfilling workplace that offers good wages and benefits instead of paying you in valuable Scientology training awards.
  • Delicious meals that just make you fat and unsessionable.
  • Sex which LRH conclusively proved to be created by whole-track psychs and just plain icky.
  • Wasting 8 hours every night sleeping.

And imagine what you’d have to put up with…

  • All of the nourishing beans and rice that you can eat!*
  • Working in a fulfilling work environment with a team of on-purpose Scientologists!*
  • A full 2 hours of sleep every night!*
  • A stable income that allows you the freedom to buy occasional snacks from the canteen!
  • Free health care at the nearby free clinic for the poor!
  • Never worry about being fired as you can’t leave even if you were crazy enough to want to!
  • A comprehensive retirement plan!*
  • Occasionally work outdoors in the fresh air!*
  • Never worry about the headache of planning a vacation ever again!
  • Access to a vast library filled with nothing but wisdom from LRH and COB!


* As long as you can only eat one bowl – actual nourishment not guaranteed.

* On-purpose Scientologists typically consist of screaming sadistic psychopaths.

* 2 hours of sleep only allowed for upstat workers.

* Retirement plan consists of $50 cash and cab fare to the closest homeless shelter.

* Outdoor work only allowed on the RPF. Fresh air may consist of dumpster and sewer fumes.


Big thanks to OTVIIIisGrrr8! for the original image.

6 responses to “Tired Of The Wog World? Join The Sea Org!

  1. Okay, I would like to nominate “nocaseonpost” who is a stellar Scn who is “on the fence.” And being on the fence, means, to me, he is PTS. I want to put on those boots in the sky on and kick him in the ass to a new career in the SeaOrg! He is playing all those ridiculous wog games like you mentioned above. I need advice on how to get nocaseonpost routed into the most ethical group on the planet. Help!!!!

    • We’ll get a recruiter dispatched to interview “nocaseonpost” immediately! If they sign a billion year contract you’ll get 10% of their salary for a year – which is to say $0.50 a week on good weeks.

      Thank you for forwarding command intention TommyJ!

  2. OMG that is soooooo THETA!!! Have the recruiter to search for “PTS” on their GPS and they’ll find him!

  3. Thank you TommyJ for putting my ethics in! I have cognited that I have to stop sucking cock, and start backing up command intention. I was a little out ruds on being OT 8, and having to redo my purif and objectives despite the fact that I have no drug history, and have done Objectives and the Purif 2x before. I was out ruds with the church because I was told that increasing my status would get me case gain and help with my problems in life. I maxed out my credit cards thinking that it would help me. I thought it didn’t, but I was wrong.

    What I realize now, is that it is not about me, or my havingness or livingness! It is not about what I think is important! I need to stop agreeing with MEST universe and just do it! After all, why do bills matter? Why do my kids need to go to college and be indoctrinated by Psych infested educators and play some wog game? Why do I need a home or a mortgage?
    Why do I need to work a job and try and to advance myself? I need tojust disagree with the MEST universe. These are all wog games with no purpose. Playing them just makes me PTS.

    The only thing that matters on this planet is Ideal Orgs. It is obvious that Scientology is expanding at an unprecedented rate. More people are waking into Ideal Orgs and reaching for service now more than ever before! The church had expanded 5x since GAT2 has been released! COB and the church said so. I just need to get my ethics in, and get with the program. This group is the most ethical on the planet, and is in the position to dictate the future of all of mankind! So to all of you so called Scientologist-Stop making COB’s job more difficult! Stop sucking cock on Hollywood Boulevard! Get your ethics in, and get with the program! I’m happy to finally sign my Sea Org contract, and dedicate myself to COB ( I mean Scientology) for the next billion years!

  4. Let’s hear it for nocaseonpost!!!

    Hip hip….

    Hip hip….

    Nocaseonpost – welcome to the Winners Circle!!!

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