Mace-Kingsley Sets 4 Year Old Straight With Scientology

Mace Kingsley mailer

For the past few days, my four-year-old daughter M. wasn’t being her usual enthusiastic self and she was not wanting to go to school or session. Today, Diane went out of her way (exchange 4*) to come to our house to help her. And WOW, when I came home from work yesterday, she was completely full of energy, happy, creative, enthusiastic…her normal self again!!

I was so uptone myself to see this because I had felt hopeless in the morning and so sad and worried that I had to leave her to go to work. We created, laughed, danced and shared together last night and it was so fun to see her happy!

Thanks for all of you at Mace Kingsley, you are the best group in the world and I am so proud to be part of it!!! Thanks Diane for coming to us, I couldn’t ask for anything more. You as a group, all of you are absolutely in exchange 4*!!

“Sincerely, G.” [M.’s Mommy]

Maybe kiddo didn’t want to go to school and session because the Scientologists are weird and upsetting with their strange questions. Ever consider that?

I can’t help but wonder what process Diane used on the kid. Did she put her on the cans and give her a children’s sec-check to uncover her naughty misdeeds?Or did she merely tell her that “out-ethics” children get their toys taken away forever and that she better put on a good show for mommy when she gets home or else?

And hey, what could possibly go wrong with leaving your kid alone all day with a professional Scientologist?

“Hey guess what? Little M. originated that she wanted to join the Sea Org so I took her to Flag where she signed her billion year contract – isn’t that wonderful?”

*Exchange 4 refers to the fourth condition of exchange – “exchange in abundance or give more than what is expected.”

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