The Sea Org’s IAS Division Is Hiring!

Move Down In Status!

Join the Sea Org Today!

It would appear that the Sea Org is desperate for people to work for the IAS. I got this in the mail last week and I’ve never in all my years seen the IAS send out anything like this.

Apparently slave labor is now in greater demand than cold hard cash. I can’t imagine any other reason they would be trying to recruit from their donor pool (disclaimer – I was a small fish and never a whale). However I highly doubt that Bob Duggan got a letter like this!

IAS Sea Org recruitment letter

And here’s the fun survey that came with it. Pretty much the standard questions other than the new one asking where you are with GAT2. Looks like you’re ineligible if you ever took any “Super Cool” or “Shermans” LOL.  Seriously does anyone actually do angel dust any more? I thought that stuff died out in the 70’s. Hey guys, how about asking if I recently did a “lid” of “grass.” :/

IAS Sea Org survey page 1

IAS Sea Org survey page 2


4 responses to “The Sea Org’s IAS Division Is Hiring!

  1. Aaaah, this was my “out” every time they had me fill one of these out. When asked “have you ever taken ______? I would reply “Maybe”. Told them I was given something and didn’t know what it was but I was afraid that it was one of these drugs based on how I felt.

    Worked like a charm, and the leg humping dogs left me alone.

  2. Thanks for sharing that now TommyJ! That one would have been helpful… Why did you never tell me that one? That’s genius!


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