Seattle Ideal Org Fundraising Strategy Leaked

greedy-fundraiserOver at The Scientology Money Project (one of my new favorite sites!) there’s a very eye-opening document leak that outlines the Seattle org’s ideal org fundraising strategy and how they bilked local Scientologists out of millions of dollars.

It’s quite illuminating in that it illustrates how to successfully pull off this con in great detail. It’s a must-read if you want an inside look into Scientology’s “ideal org” real estate swindle.

A few key points that jumped out at me (some with admittedly a bit of liberal interpretation).

  • Fundraisers make 10% commissions on donations received which makes them extra ruthless and very determined to separate you from your hard-earned money.
  • Declare anyone who says something suppressive like “tech quality is more important than a building and that we should be putting more into that.” These people are CI SPs.
  • Use lots of LRH quotes taken completely out of context.
  • Spam your field relentlessly with demands for money while reminding them that without ideal orgs mankind is doomed and they’ll lose their eternity.
  • When someone donates immediately acknowledge that it was not even close to what’s expected and that they are still a degraded being.
  • Hypnotize your mark by having them watch COB videos on an endless loop. Mr. Miscavige’s strange manner of speaking and heavily processed voice (to add bass and diminish squeakiness) has a remarkable stupefying effect.
  • Encourage children to “donate their piggy banks or allowance” at fundraising events. Scientologists apparently enjoy watching children being exploited and you will get more money this way.
  • Use lots of shills at your events to trick people into donating.
  • Do not end an event too soon, run it all night long into the early morning hours if necessary. After all sleep deprivation makes people more open to suggestion which leads to more donations.
  • Hound people that have not fulfilled their pledges relentlessly to pay up  – or face gang-bang sec-checks.
  • The Humanitarian cert ($100,000 donation) is especially coveted as it is crafted by Sea Org slave labor.
  • Ambush people in their homes and they’re more likely to give you money to go away.
  • They’re bilking millions and they’re complaining about credit fees?

This part made me especially want to gag – “It was a stroke of genius on his (COB’s) part to initiate this Ideal Org evolution of which these building cycles are a part.”

And what sort of nonsense is this? – “Ding in” the
“straight up and vertical” concept using the analogy of a session
and the need to have the full Ideal Org or we don’t have the society
around us “in-session.”

And encouraging children to “donate their piggy banks or allowance” at fundraising events? That’s just depraved!

Remember that the EP of Scientology is bankruptcy, financial ruin and broken families!


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  1. Great Show Sir great Show

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