Scientology Restroom Regging

So can I put you down for that Dianetics book and lecture set?

So you gonna buy that Dianetics book and lecture set or what?

This is going to read like satire but disturbingly it’s not. I recently read a well-written and informative article describing a reporter’s recent visit to the New York City Church of Scientology.

Apparently the desperation to close the sale and get the stats up is causing some staff members to abandon common sense to an even greater than normal extent these days. The lack of people coming into these “ideal orgs” and the resulting drop in income is contributing to a pressure-cooker environment where anything goes as long as it makes money.

It was this portion of his visit that really staggered me:

It was right after this that I stepped away from the crowd for the first time and went to take a piss. Before I even whipped my penis out, an administrator approached me. Alone. In the men’s room.

“Have you taken a personality test yet?”

“Not yet,” I said.

“You should take a personality test if you have time. We also offer an IQ test.”

“Okay. I’ll check out the personality test after I’m done pissing.”

To my delight, he quit talking. He then shook my hand across the separator. Don’t think I got any urine on him, but I’m not totally certain of that.

What’s next – credit card machines and IAS donation slips at the urinals?

Metered interviews on the can? Ok couldn’t resist that one!


2 responses to “Scientology Restroom Regging

  1. I operate out of LAX, Terminal 1, Women’s bathroom, stall #3. There’s nothing %#$@)* wrong with such an operating basis. It’s cozy and quiet in here, and if it ever gets too dark, I can light a couple of candles and turn on some soft jazz…

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