Church of Scientology To Put An Ideal Org On The Moon

Scientology Ideal Org Moon Base

Architectural Rendering of the Future Scientology Ideal Org Moon Base

The Church of Scientology recently announced plans to locate an Ideal Org on the moon in late 2014. Church spokesperson Karin Pouw shared these details:

“This is the first step toward joining LRH on Target 2. Our Ideal Org Moon Base will serve as a jumping off point for launching the Sea Org into deep space to achieve its greater mission – to spread the tech of Dianetics and Scientology throughout the entire universe. And of course to increase our fundraising base as well. This glorious new org will surely serve as a shining beacon of freedom to the entire universe! Additionally when the world begins populating the moon the Church of Scientology will be there ready to deliver the priceless tech to the moon’s new inhabitants.”

“Fundraising will begin on Jan 1, 2014 and COB expects each Scientologist to donate a minimum of $100,000 to this important campaign. Special RTC fundraising teams will be firing out to each org worldwide and will be visiting every Scientologist individually to ensure command intention is followed without exception. COB’s vision must come to fruition if we are to achieve universal expansion of our religion. The stars await!”

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