RTC Command Intention Bulletin – Dec 14 2013

All Scientologists are hereby ordered to immediately sign over all deeds to property they currently own to the Church of Scientology. This is so COB can mortgage properties as needed for special projects deemed essential to the Scientology religion. There are no exceptions to this directive and compliance will be enforced by RTC. CI or backflashing will not be tolerated and any attempt to hide real estate assets will result in an immediate declare by order of COB!

Local OT committees are to coordinate with RTC representatives to ensure that all Scientologists in their zone of influence comply 100% with this important directive.

It is your duty as a Scientologist to forward command intention by complying with this directive as soon as possible. Your religion and eternity depend on it!


R. Steel RTC Compliance Officer I/C


One response to “RTC Command Intention Bulletin – Dec 14 2013

  1. The problem with non-Scientologists is that they lack the communication skills and madeupwordiness that Cobbers possesses.

    Their lack of perceptive oiliness and cognitive winniness shows just how lossiness all wogs and SP”””’s are.

    The downstat naturness of these Xenu-loving Wogginess creatures is notwithstandingness of the furthermoreiness of the apostate-iness data that all upstanding in-good-standing-ness misunderestimates.

    Every one knows without the tech, those stupid non operating thetans are nothing more than unwordiness””s’ non-word cleared s’tupid-head’s.

    What did a wog school ever create beyond a Stalin and a Hitler?
    Cobbers S’cientology created Battlefield Earth and fuck know’s that’s more than those wog’s will ever accomplis’h. They could never clear a wordiness thing. S’hit bag’s that they are”””””.

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