FLAG Releases Revolutionary New Rundown

The Scientology Big Being Rundown

FLAG – the mecca of technical misdirection and vulture-culture regging – is proud to announce the availability of a brand new FLAG-only rundown – The Big Being Rundown. This incredibly powerful Scientology rundown utilizes tech far more advanced than even the hallowed OT levels or L rundowns. Yet it can be run at any point on the bridge – from purif completion to OT VIII. It precisely handles the one aberration that keeps any thetan from becoming a “big being” that can fully exert his 1,000,000 mega-watt OT power!

This life-changing rundown contains a single singularly powerful OT-grade process created by our most senior technical terminal – Mr. David Miscavige, Captain of the Sea Org and Chairman of the Board RTC. The process consists of running the command “Donate $10,000 to the IAS” repetitively to end phenomena. The product of this amazing rundown is a pc who has flowed enough money (as determined by the C/S) to become a “big being” that can now join the ranks of other mega-powered “big beings” such as COB and Tom Cruise*.

Rave reviews continue to pour in:

Man this rundown is the freaking bomb-diggety as the hip youngsters say! After running 120 commands I finally EP’d and achieved this wondrous state. My space has expanded, my dynamics are expanding like never before and I’m no longer terrified of clowns. Thanks to COB for this life-changing tech! B.C.

This rundown has completely changed my life! Prior to this auditing my social life consisted of boring get-togethers with Class V org staff and the like. Now I’m hobnobbing with the pillars of high society and A-list celebs like Kirstie Alley and that guy who does org events and the unfunny commercials – oh yeah, Jim Meskimen! I totally duplicate COB’s viewpoint 100% now about how one must never associate with inferiors as they bring you downscale! J.M.

I am so blown out of my head! I’m literally so exterior that I’m controlling my body from another galaxy! And the really cool part is all of the other big beings are there too. We’re all just chilling in the theta universe with no degraded beings around to tarnish our theta luster. It’s awesome being one of the truly elite! K.P.

Take note that some people have falsely claimed to be “natural” big beings. Senior technical terminals have determined beyond any doubt that COB, Tom Cruise and LRH are the only thetans on this planet to fit this description.

This incredible technical breakthrough truly brings world clearing within reach in our lifetime! Call your FLAG rep and get scheduled today!

*Joining ranks of COB and Tom Cruise only occurs once per year when they’re slumming with downstat riff-raff on the Failwinds during Tom’s birthday.

One response to “FLAG Releases Revolutionary New Rundown

  1. No longer terrified of clowns, that OT power is KEY to attaining total freedom!

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