Leaked Scientology Success Stories

I recently received some leaked success stories from the Int Base. These are published internally by RTC to inspire the staff of Int to produce more… or else!.

  • One day I received word that COB wanted a particular type of French truffle for his omelette the next morning. I wasn’t sure how to find them but I decided to go exterior and see if I could find some. It worked! I spotted some in a specific wooded location in France. I immediately assembled a team and we took a private jet to France in order to procure some. Once there I found the location I had spotted while exterior and sure enough there were some perfect truffles there! We flew back just in time for COB’s breakfast. He was very pleased and there no beatings that day. It only cost the church $350,000 but it was well worth it to make COB happy and besides we have no shortage of money for important projects like this. That night I was happily rewarded for my efforts with an extra serving of rice and beans. Yummy! S.W
  • Wow, I just had the most amazing win regarding mocked-up realities. The other night I observed COB and TC (guess who!) in a romantic embrace. When I mentioned this the next day during my daily sec-check I was assigned 2 large security personnel to assist me with recalling the correct details of that incident. With their help I realized that the incident did not occur but in fact I had created an alternate reality with my OT abilities. I must have done a great job as it seemed so real that I was sure it had occurred. M.G
  • I got an assist after being clobbered by COB. During the assist I had the life changing realization that he would not have had to beat me if I wasn’t evil and subconsciously stopping progress. B.S.
  • A follow-up to my previous OT success story. Last night I unknowingly mocked up a reality where I walked into a dark room and DM was performing fellatio on TC. Once again it seemed so real. But as it cannot have possibly occurred it’s further evidence that my OT powers are truly growing! M.G

I also received some OT Phenomena submissions to Advance magazine that didn’t make it into publication for one reason or another.

  • I confronted a suppressive employee that was trying to stop me from power-flowing money into the IAS and Ideal Orgs and shot him in the face. Winning! R.F.
  • I was running late for course and decided to change the traffic lights to make better time. It worked like a charm and I arrived at the courseroom just as the course sup was starting to call roll.  Unfortunately at one intersection I caused a 3 car pileup with my hijinks but hey, they were just wogs anyway. Besides they obviously “pulled it in.” D.H.
  • The other day I awoke and thought it would be awesome if the sun was shining. I made the postulate, opened the shades and sure enough it was sunny outside! Now that’s OT ability you can take to the bank. It was totally worth $350,000 for this! D.L.

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